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American Idol 2009 Kris Allen

May 21, 2009

Another season of American Idol has come and gone.  Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert (the favorite of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul).   Either of the two could have won.  Many shows are coming to an end, and my Boston Red Sox can get my undivided attention.  On the night that Kris Allen takes the crown, Big Papi hits his first homer.    Varitek hits two dingers, and Ellsbury ties a major league record with 12 putouts in center field.  Everybody wins tonight, except the Blue Jays.  Even Adam Lambert is a winner.  America will be seeing more of him, because he too will be Strapped Into An American Dream.


American Idol Strapped Into An American Dream

April 22, 2009

I watched American Idol and Simon Cowell was his normal self…truthful and accurate.  He sugarcoats nothing and shoots from the hip.  Paula Abdul had some witty remarks, but was clobbered by her sidekick with each one.  She was dancing more than when I saw her concert back in 1992 in Milwaukee, WI.  I detailed her performance during my one year RV journey thru America’s lower 48 in “Strapped Into An American Dream.”