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Wethersfield, CT Library speaking engagement

February 21, 2011

Here is a link from the Wethersfield CT Public Library website which lists my appearance at the Wethersfield Public Library in…that’s right…Wethersfield, CT. Tuesday, March 1st is the date and 7PM is the time. March 1st is nearly Springtime, and hopefully it comes soon because I’m still trying to thaw out from the Whale Bowl on Saturday. Spring is not quite here yet, so why not go to your local library and check out authors who speak about their books through the Friends of the Library. These events are free and open to the public, and a good way to spend an evening…especially a cold evening.

Persistence means still a chance

September 5, 2009

The Events coordinator at Cabela’s responded to my email with a phone call, and spoke to me at length about alternatives for my book signing.  She pushed for me to stay small and give up my large thoughts for now.  I told her that I have been small with nearly 10 local newspaper stories, 2 book signings and a radio interview.  I told her that I plan to stay small, but not give up stretching for more.  I will do both.  I asked her for the owner’s phone number or email.  She didn’t have it.  She also only had one corporate contact, but that contact was driven strictly by policy.  I did not want policy.  I wanted an exception.  I wanted to have my book signing within all the Cabela’s foot traffic in exchange for a free plug in the Hartford Courant which would mention that I will be signing copies of my book there.  Getting my book in their stores was apparently a big undertaking.  I got a break when the manager emailed me back with a corporate phone number, even after telling me she had no contacts and I was pretty much wasting my time.   Time is not wasted if there is a chance.  I called and ended up speaking with Lydia in corporate.  She was as nice and understanding as Diane in East Hartford.  Lydia began explaining the policy and I stopped her at the beginning.  I told her that I was not looking for the norm, but rather the exception.  I hung up the phone with her after receiving the email of one of the Cabelas brothers who owned the stores.  She is also sending an email to the marketing team to check out “Strapped Into An American Dream” on Amazon.  Maybe nothing will come of this, but my chances are better with persistence.  Besides, that’s how I got this book deal in the first place.

Cabela’s Sporting Goods

August 30, 2009

I walked into Cabela’s with a copy of my book and the Press Release, hoping to talk to the manager about me doing a book signing at their store in East Hartford, CT.  After walking around the enormous store filled with everything imaginable for outdoor activities, I decided that I was comfortable enough to move in for the kill (no pun intended, as I passed guns, knives, and dead stuffed animals).  I paged the manager, then explained to her that The Hartford Courant’s Sunday paper has an Arts & Entertainment section that wants to do a feature story on me and my book, “Strapped Into An American Dream,” but they need me to line up a Book Signing at least 3 weeks out so they can link the book signing with the story.  I told the manager that it would be free advertisement for them in the Hartford Courant.  She asked if Cabela’s sold my book, and I told her that they didn’t…but they certainly could.  She asked me to leave the copy of the book with her and she will run it by her Corporate Office.  I further added that I have a small publisher and have to do a lot of the legwork, and that I thought her store would be the perfect venue for a travel book signing.  She agreed, grabbed the copy of the book, saying that nobody has ever asked this of her.  I did, and i’m certainly glad that I did.  I walked in hoping for a book signing.  Now I’m awaiting an answer on a book signing, which would trigger the Hartford Courant feature story, and perhaps a giant location to sell my book.