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5 Questions with Joey Pinkney

April 11, 2011

5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Glenn Maynard, author of Strapped into an American Dream
by Joey Pinkney on March 15, 2010 Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Glenn Maynard, editor of Strapped into an American Dream
(Strategic Book Publishing)

Strapped into an American Dream captures America, whirling readers along a 35,000-mile trek through the 48 contiguous states in a rebuilt RV. Glenn Maynard brings this journey to all armchair travelers who will love the adrenaline rush.

One week after their wedding, Glenn and his wife quit their jobs, sold their cars and set out to find America. This book details how they were able to realize this dream and introduces the reader to the unique people they met and the places they visited along the path.

Travel with them through 23 National Parks, Las Vegas, Mardi Gras and dusty ghost towns. Feel the rushing wind of tornadoes and the rocking of an earthquake. Sleep on roadsides and in truck stops, shifting from state to state, risking danger in favor of a limited bank account.

It is the dream of many Americans, in all walks of life, to travel the country, but few realize this dream. Now they may do so vicariously in the reading of these adventures. Laugh along the way, but also share the terror, sorrow and humor.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to take your adventurous trip and write Strapped Into An American Dream?

Glenn Maynard: My wife and I took a trip to Florida and were enjoying a February day in an outside whirlpool when we decided that there had to be another way. We then began to dream and thought how wonderful it would be to take a trip that most would only undertake when they retire.

We decided on all of the 48 continental states during a one year journey. I could write about it and eventually publish a book. I took detailed notes daily and became a travel correspondent for 3 newspapers along the way.

JP: What did you and your wife learn about each other in taking a trip like this?

GM: We learned that we were a great travel team, and together we moved through America really wanting to learn about its history. We both wanted the same things. We both had roles in order to make a trip of this magnitude work.

I was the one who persevered through hundreds of miles at a clip. She was the one with the map, guiding the ship to stay the course. Together we chose the attractions and the free campgrounds. Many times the plans fizzled, but we were able to create Plan B on the fly.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Strapped Into An American Dream getting out to the public?

GM: The keys to my success are believing in my story, believing that it’s a story Americans want to read and having the perseverance to bring Strapped Into An American Dream to all of the people who would love to chuck it all and hit the road.

My book is not going to sell itself, although at first I thought that it might. I am onto Plan B of Marketing now, and I’m eyeing the top of the mountain. Nothing is going to stop me from rolling it over the top. I made it this far, and I do not give up on anything without a fight.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Strapped Into An American Dream?

GM: My writing process is simple. When I am inspired to write, then I write. If I have nothing, then the sitting wasn’t meant to be. For this book, I spent the year writing notes on 10 legal pads, then wrote the book from the highlights of the trip.

I spent time moving from Connecticut to Colorado, and then four years later moved back to Connecticut after my divorce. We left one week following our wedding and returned on our first anniversary. I then had to rewrite the entire manuscript to focus more on the journey and less on the honeymoon.

Querie letter after querie letter and rejection after rejection followed. The years flew by, and the hope of bringing this trip to Americans fizzled. My perseverance never did. Beginning the process with note taking in 1992 until publication in 2009 may be a long time, but not when your holding a book in your hands with your name on it.

JP: What’s next for Glenn Maynard?

GM: While living out in Colorado, I also wrote a fiction book which deals with the possibilities of reincarnation. The book needs to be fine tuned, but there is a nearly completed piece of work there.

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Ya Gotta have faitha faitha faith!

November 22, 2010

After my first day at the International Auto Show at the CT Convention Center in Hartford, CT this past Saturday, I packed up and hopped on the shuttle bus to the parking garage across town. Since I pay $100 per month to park there for work, I figured I would use that garage and hop on the free shuttle for a ride to my book signing for “Strapped Into An American Dream.” I was happy to discover that I was the lone rider on the retreat. That all changed dramatically on the next stop. Apparently the Women of Faith Expo was going on at the nearby XL Center. Women began piling into the bus until every seat was taken. I even had to remove my heavy tote bag of books from the seat next to me to provide one more seat to the faithful. Some women had to stand. I thought about giving up my seat to one of the women standing, but not for long and the thought soon passed. The bus driver turned to me in the front seat and laughed. Then the women of faith began commenting on how I was the only guy on the bus. When I finally got off at my parking garage, I noticed the convention chaos continued. Women were everywhere, and I didn’t stand a chance. I joked with the women on the bus saying that they wouldn’t hear a peep out of me. I made it to the 5th floor via the elevator full of me and about 15 women. Again, comments about me being outnumbered came acallin’. When I made it to my car, I zipped around the 5th floor to the 4th and had to stop. I was in gridlock for the next 45 minutes. Two older ladies getting back to their car laughed when they saw me shaking my head. I rolled down my window and they proceeded to tell me that out of all that traffic, I was the only guy in the garage. I had faith that I would get out of that garage; so did the women of faith. After all, it was in their title. I was happy to see their cars finally head for the highway, and the next day I used the Convention Center parking garage. After the show, I didn’t have to rely on my faitha faitha faith!

2 Big Shows upcoming

October 6, 2010

I will be returning to 2 big events from last year. The CT International Auto Show (November 20th and 21st) and the Northeast Recreational Vehicle & Camping Show (January 22nd and 23rd) are again taking place at the CT Convention Center. These events bring thousands of visitors, and this year I will be inside the show for both events. The CT Convention Center shows have held the biggest events for me so far, so returning with a new softcover edition of “Strapped Into An American Dream” will be a much easier task. Since I caught the show director’s earlier this year, I will be listed in their advertising and better promoted.

Connecticut Authors Trail Returns To Mohegan Sun

June 18, 2010

Persistence means still a chance

September 5, 2009

The Events coordinator at Cabela’s responded to my email with a phone call, and spoke to me at length about alternatives for my book signing.  She pushed for me to stay small and give up my large thoughts for now.  I told her that I have been small with nearly 10 local newspaper stories, 2 book signings and a radio interview.  I told her that I plan to stay small, but not give up stretching for more.  I will do both.  I asked her for the owner’s phone number or email.  She didn’t have it.  She also only had one corporate contact, but that contact was driven strictly by policy.  I did not want policy.  I wanted an exception.  I wanted to have my book signing within all the Cabela’s foot traffic in exchange for a free plug in the Hartford Courant which would mention that I will be signing copies of my book there.  Getting my book in their stores was apparently a big undertaking.  I got a break when the manager emailed me back with a corporate phone number, even after telling me she had no contacts and I was pretty much wasting my time.   Time is not wasted if there is a chance.  I called and ended up speaking with Lydia in corporate.  She was as nice and understanding as Diane in East Hartford.  Lydia began explaining the policy and I stopped her at the beginning.  I told her that I was not looking for the norm, but rather the exception.  I hung up the phone with her after receiving the email of one of the Cabelas brothers who owned the stores.  She is also sending an email to the marketing team to check out “Strapped Into An American Dream” on Amazon.  Maybe nothing will come of this, but my chances are better with persistence.  Besides, that’s how I got this book deal in the first place.

The Obama plan for Strapped Into An American Dream

September 4, 2009

I spoke with the Manager of Cabela’s today about getting my book
in their stores and having a book signing.  Apparently getting a
book into their store takes an act of congress, so perhaps a note
to President Obama is in order. Perhaps I could get Oprah to ask
about them selling my book in their store.  Would they still
need a formal written request to Corporate?  Hmmm…methinks not.
As for the book signing at their store, I was told that they would
need another written request for that, and if they do approve, then
they would need to take a piece of the profits.  Ok, let’s see…if
I pay roughly $26-$27 per book at my author discount on the $32 cover price, and I sell the book at signings for $28…and they want a piece of the action…hmmmm once again.  I’m no math major, but sumpin’ doesn’t quite add up.  I need a venue for my booksigning so the Hartford Courant can do a feature story about me and my book in the Sunday Arts & Entertainment section.  I went into Cabelas thinking if they would just host this book signing then they would get free advertising.  Well, it’s not that easy.  It’s never that easy.  Life would be simpler if things were that easy.  Maybe we wouldn’t appreciate the things that we have as much. I guess I need to scrap Plan A.  I have thoughts of contacting Mr. & Mrs. Cabela personally and asking them directly.  I met the Cabelas and got their autographs during the Grand Opening.  Had I only devised Plan A then.  Although I haven’t abandoned the two ideas associated with Plan A, I need to realistically begin construction of Plan B.

Hartford Courant contact

July 21, 2009

I received a phone call today from a reporter with The Hartford Courant who will be interviewing me for a feature story in the Courant’s Sunday Arts & Entertainment section.  However, since my signing is Saturday, which will be one day prior to the feature story, they needed to reschedule to coincide with my next book signing.  I will have my sights on my hometown of Glastonbury, CT for this next event. In the meantime, I will have a book signing on Saturday, July 25th at The Book Rack in Vernon CT.

Public Appearances for Glenn Maynard

June 22, 2009

Today I received an email reply from Diane Smith, who I had emailed last week regarding a possible interview on her TV show.  She responded that she would be interested in an interview for a morning Talk Radio show (1080 WTIC AM) she will be doing in June and August, and requested a Review Copy. Then I received an email from Manchester Community College (MCC) regarding a car show. I had received it last Friday, but deleted it since I have no interest in cars. I like them. I think they’re neat, but that’s where the love affair ends. When I received the email again on Monday, my ‘think outside the box’ light went on and I decided to email them regarding a booksigning at this event. For a nominal fee of $20 I secured a spot. It’s this Sunday in Manchester, CT. I will have newspapers advertising my booksigning at this event, and I will get my feet wet during this first booksigning. Onward and upward.

Enfield Public Library booksigning

June 3, 2009

I received a call from the Enfield Public Library ‘Friends of the Library’ Program regarding a speaking engagement and book signing.  They read about my book, “Strapped Into An American Dream” in the Enfield Press and called me to speak about my book in the Library.  Bill ‘The Spaceman’ Lee, former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox had a speaking engagement there last summer.  I agreed to appear, and the Library will be scheduling me for September.  And i’m off…

You Tube for Glenn Maynard’s Strapped Into An American Dream

May 27, 2009

My publisher has created my Author Display video on YouTube, and this video has a narrator reading the synopsis of my book. The scene is a video camera filming the highway as a vehicle travels along through the country. This is “Strapped Into An American Dream.” Search GLENN MAYNARD on YouTube.