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Press Release for RV Show booksigning – This just in…

January 23, 2015

Review of “Strapped Into An American Dream”

April 11, 2011

Bookmarket Review of ‘Strapped Into An American Dream’

April 17, 2010

Add a Discussion REVIEW: Strapped Into The American Dream (Glenn Maynard)
Posted by Apex Reviews on April 17, 2010 at 6:30am in Apex Reviews

Strapped Into An American Dream
Glenn Maynard
ISBN: 9781606934937
Affordable Marketing Solutions, LLC
Reviewed By Cary Merriman

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One week after taking their vows, Glenn and his wife quit their jobs, sold their cars, and set out on a trek across the lower 48 states of the U.S. – and what followed is a journey the full scope of which neither of them could ever have imagined. Experiencing everything from creepy ghost towns to seedy truck stops to surviving such natural phenomena as tornadoes and earthquakes, the Maynards explored a country rife with hidden wonders and secret treasures that few ever get to witness – no matter how long their lifetimes. In the end, they were left with not only a plethora of “been there, done that” stories, but also a much more profound appreciation for the various folkways and mores of their fellow countrymen.

Strapped Into The American Dream is quite the eye-opening read. In it, author Glenn Maynard takes readers on a vicarious journey through a countryside full of unheralded beauty – all from the seat of a rebuilt RV. We all have dreams, but few of us ever decide to follow through on them, and even fewer actually get the chance to finally bring those dreams to life. In a decidedly courageous (even if considerably risky) move, Maynard and his wife move confidently toward the realization of their long-held wanderlust, and if nothing else, their example could ultimately serve as encouragement for others to pursue their most fervent hopes and dreams.

Equally enlightening and engaging, Strapped Into The American Dream is a recommended read for anyone interested in learning more about just what makes our fabled country so unique.

5 Questions with Joey Pinkney

March 17, 2010

Miranda Writes and The Boston Globe

January 8, 2010

Hi Glenn,

Got some good news, a journalist from The Boston Globe wants to feature you in her story on RV Travel in the Spring! 

Miranda K. Spigener


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Book Review for Strapped Into An American Dream

August 5, 2009

Strapped into an American Dream

Review by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

Strapped into an American DreamStrapped into an American Dream by Glenn Maynard. May 3, 1992, Glenn Maynard and his new bride Tracy set out in a twenty-two foot 1978 Dodge Rockwood for a year on the road. They left from Connecticut with the goal of traveling through all of the 48 lower states plus into Canada and Mexico in their RV. They were in their 20s, had a dog and little money but this would be a great adventure.

As they leave New England, heading into the province of Quebec, Glenn writes, “…We smiled wide. We sang to the music on the radio. We bounced in our seats. We knew that this was just the beginning…But we had plenty. We had health and happiness. We had each other…”

Along the journey, they had trying times. From the shower not working to more serious mechanical problems to terrifying tornadoes and a propane explosion, they stuck to their plan. They got jobs in Arizona to shore up their bank account and make it to Mardi Gras, one of their dreams.

Their trip took place about the time my late husband Bill and I hit the road. It’s hard to think of this as “history,” but it does speak about a different time in RVing. There were few large RVs, no cell phones or Internet. Making do on an extreme budget was quite possible. You could more readily find f~ree places to park. Living in a small RV is challenging, to say the least, for any relationship! As newlyweds, Glenn and Tracy were just getting to know one another so that adds another element to their adventure.

Sixteen years later, Glenn decided to share his story. It is a step back in time for him and a look at RVing as it was not so long ago. Come ride with them and experience RVing in the early 90s. You’ll get a kick out of it! Available at Amazon.

Small Publisher means small Marketing Budget

July 7, 2009

A small publisher is great when you want your first book published.  They allow certain titles onto the presses that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of Doubleday.  Now that you’re in, and you’re published, much of the burden is placed on the author when it comes to editing and marketing.  Now that my marketing has hit a wall, and the small publisher has done all it will do, it’s all up to me to carry the flame.  In order to keep the title moving, I hired a PR person that the publisher connected me with.  It’s several hundred dollars, but I cannot allow my dream to perish.  It’s only a few months into the campaign, and I have done all that I can do as far as marketing,  with minimal success, so I didn’t have much of a choice.  Let’s see what they can do with their connections.  I will sleep on it and dream of a Marketing Budget.

Public Appearances for Glenn Maynard

June 22, 2009

Today I received an email reply from Diane Smith, who I had emailed last week regarding a possible interview on her TV show.  She responded that she would be interested in an interview for a morning Talk Radio show (1080 WTIC AM) she will be doing in June and August, and requested a Review Copy. Then I received an email from Manchester Community College (MCC) regarding a car show. I had received it last Friday, but deleted it since I have no interest in cars. I like them. I think they’re neat, but that’s where the love affair ends. When I received the email again on Monday, my ‘think outside the box’ light went on and I decided to email them regarding a booksigning at this event. For a nominal fee of $20 I secured a spot. It’s this Sunday in Manchester, CT. I will have newspapers advertising my booksigning at this event, and I will get my feet wet during this first booksigning. Onward and upward.

Waiting on reviews – OUCH!

June 8, 2009

Waiting on reviews is a painful undertaking.  I have several copies of my book, “Strapped Into An American Dream” out there that were requested from my publisher, but weeks have passed.  Everyone is busy, too, especially with newspapers and all other media scaling back on staff.  USA Today and the Hartford Courant asked for review copies, then said they’re not sure if they can get to them because they’re too busy.  Reviews are too important to take lightly, so I will hound these media outlets until they finally just take care of business just to shut me up.  I can hear the wheel squeaking already.

The Chicago Tribune review request for “Strapped Into An American Dream”

May 19, 2009
My publisher just received a request for a review copy of my book, “Strapped Into An American Dream,” from the Chicago Tribune, which has “Resourceful Traveler” within its Sunday Travel section.  This Travel book review column would do wonders for my book, so I am very much hoping that they will do the review, but they could not guarantee it. I can guaratee that I will be thrilled if the Chicago Tribune reviews “Strapped Into An American Dream.”