Enfield Public Library presentation


I spoke about my book, “Strapped Into An American Dream,” at the Enfield Public Library August 4th. The Friends of the Library Director, Rob Sweeney, was piloting an afternoon program. He usually scheduled Tuesday evenings, but wanted to see how it went in the afternoon. I showed up on this day 25 minutes prior to my 2 PM show and Rob kept muttering that he had no idea what kind of turnout to expect as he set up a handful of chairs in an empty room. An easel in the entrance to the Library announced my appearance. One older lady showed up with about 20 minutes till showtime. Another couple soon arrived. I made myself busy, preparing my presentation materials as I awaited the final count. As the clock neared 2 PM, there was a steady stream of people coming in to see me speak. Rob continued to build the room by adding rows of chairs. This was my first speech, and although nervous, I had prepared enough to be able to make it through to the end. I am comfortable writing. Speaking? Not so much. I only wanted to use an outline of main points so I wouldn’t have to rely on looking down at my notes. That’s a surefire way to get lost. However, I had back to back speaking engagements to contend with and knew that writers must do this to survive these days. It was almost 2 PM and people started coming into the room in droves. It was an older crowd, mostly retired folks, but about 40 people settled into their chairs while I stood in the back watching. Rob then introduced me, and I made my way to the podium to a chorus of applause. Although nervous in the beginning, I made it through to the Question and Answer part by 2:45 PM. I felt an enormous weight lifted as I fielded questions. Many hands were raised, and Rob had to cut the questions off at 2 PM by saying I would take one more question. A very engaging crowd it was. The questions came one after another. I sold four books, packed up, and had a wonderful sense of relief upon driving home. My relief was not only that it was over, but that the next one at the smaller library in Columbia would not nearly be as terrifying.


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