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Bookmarket Review of ‘Strapped Into An American Dream’

April 17, 2010

Add a Discussion REVIEW: Strapped Into The American Dream (Glenn Maynard)
Posted by Apex Reviews on April 17, 2010 at 6:30am in Apex Reviews

Strapped Into An American Dream
Glenn Maynard
ISBN: 9781606934937
Affordable Marketing Solutions, LLC
Reviewed By Cary Merriman

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One week after taking their vows, Glenn and his wife quit their jobs, sold their cars, and set out on a trek across the lower 48 states of the U.S. – and what followed is a journey the full scope of which neither of them could ever have imagined. Experiencing everything from creepy ghost towns to seedy truck stops to surviving such natural phenomena as tornadoes and earthquakes, the Maynards explored a country rife with hidden wonders and secret treasures that few ever get to witness – no matter how long their lifetimes. In the end, they were left with not only a plethora of “been there, done that” stories, but also a much more profound appreciation for the various folkways and mores of their fellow countrymen.

Strapped Into The American Dream is quite the eye-opening read. In it, author Glenn Maynard takes readers on a vicarious journey through a countryside full of unheralded beauty – all from the seat of a rebuilt RV. We all have dreams, but few of us ever decide to follow through on them, and even fewer actually get the chance to finally bring those dreams to life. In a decidedly courageous (even if considerably risky) move, Maynard and his wife move confidently toward the realization of their long-held wanderlust, and if nothing else, their example could ultimately serve as encouragement for others to pursue their most fervent hopes and dreams.

Equally enlightening and engaging, Strapped Into The American Dream is a recommended read for anyone interested in learning more about just what makes our fabled country so unique.