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Book Signing Photos

January 24, 2010

Photos from my book signing at the Northeast RV & Camping Show at the CT Convention Center.

Northeast RV & Camping Show-Hartford,CT

Action at the Northeast RV & Camp; Camping Show

January 11, 2010

Saturday and Sunday at the Northeast RV & Camping Show turned out great.  The weather was cold, but dry, and the turnout was magnificent.  I sold several books at the show, and what better place could there be for my RV book as far as networking goes.  I made many contacts, and at the same time I will list the noteworthy events:
1. A guy listening to me speak to someone about my trip stepped up and asked me if I would like to come speak to his Rotary Club in the Waterbury area.  I told him that I would and he took my contact information from my Press Release.
2. Two guys came up to me and were connected with the Boston RV and Camping Expo.  They wanted me to come to their show, but they also had a website and one of the guys carried a videocamera.  He told me to promote the hell out of my book and then held the camera up to my face.  I held the book up and introduced myself and my book and then answered a series of questions for the video clip.  He fired off questions and I fired back answers. He took a copy of my Press Release and said he would send the clip to my Public Relations Coordinator.  This all happened so fast, but I did get a card and will pursue this opportunity.

One of the guys asked me if my book is listed on, which is the biggest RV book site on the web. He said he is good friends with the owner, and told me to drop his name to the owner to get my book on there.

3. I noticed that Arlington RV Supercenter was participating in the show. I had included them in the beginning of my book when they towed us and fixed our camper in the first couple days of the trip in RI. I spoke to the guy in charge, showed him his company name in my book and handed him a Press Release. They do carry RV books in their store and maybe they could purchase some books. I got a card and gave him a copy of my press release. 
I made several other contacts with RV dealers that my Public Relations coordinator will follow up on.
This was the ultimate venue for my book. I made connections that should lead to speaking engagements and ultimately book sales.

This morning I fired off an email to the Boston RV Expo contact person about a book signing this Saturday.  I will await his reply.  Now the iron is hot.

Miranda Writes and The Boston Globe

January 8, 2010

Hi Glenn,

Got some good news, a journalist from The Boston Globe wants to feature you in her story on RV Travel in the Spring! 

Miranda K. Spigener


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Northeast Recreational Vehicle & Camping Show

January 4, 2010

I am set to appear at the Northeast Recreation Vehicle
and Camping show this coming weekend (Saturday and
Sunday, January 9th – 10th) at 10 AM at the CT
Convention Center.  This should be a very exciting
show as I cannot gather more of a target audience
then this for my book about a one year RV trip.  I
had previously done signings at antique car shows and
regular car shows, but this niche is perfectly carved
for my particuular story and I look forward to meeting
and talking to RV enthusiasts, RVers, and dreamers. I 
will be at a booth in a high traffic area, so it promises
to be a success.