True Story: I saw a ghost!


A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend Linda and I decided to take a post-dinner walk through old wethersfield, when we came upon a cemetery. Her daughter Caitlin and my son Andrew wanted to enhance that plan. They had been bitten by the holloween bug after our stroll through the Holloween store that day. Although it was pitch black, we agreed to walk the inroad slowly into the cemetery, but not too far in. A second inroad paralell to us, but quite a distance away, carried with it a couple of people dressed in white. It looked like they were briskly walking into the cemetery as if they were on a powerwalk, even though visability was low. We decided to just move on out since the last thing we wanted was to do was run into people in a pitch black cemetery. Upon departure, we walked on the other side of the street and tried to see if we could see the walkers dressed in white, but it was too dark and we couldn’t see anything. This weekend Caitlin was exploring the internet for a class trip she was going to take through that very cemetery. She discovered something that was very creepy and sent a shiver down the four spines involved. The cemetery we had walked in that night is known to be haunted, and there was further mention of “Ladies in White walking the cemetery at night.” We had seen a ghost!


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