The Obama plan for Strapped Into An American Dream


I spoke with the Manager of Cabela’s today about getting my book
in their stores and having a book signing.  Apparently getting a
book into their store takes an act of congress, so perhaps a note
to President Obama is in order. Perhaps I could get Oprah to ask
about them selling my book in their store.  Would they still
need a formal written request to Corporate?  Hmmm…methinks not.
As for the book signing at their store, I was told that they would
need another written request for that, and if they do approve, then
they would need to take a piece of the profits.  Ok, let’s see…if
I pay roughly $26-$27 per book at my author discount on the $32 cover price, and I sell the book at signings for $28…and they want a piece of the action…hmmmm once again.  I’m no math major, but sumpin’ doesn’t quite add up.  I need a venue for my booksigning so the Hartford Courant can do a feature story about me and my book in the Sunday Arts & Entertainment section.  I went into Cabelas thinking if they would just host this book signing then they would get free advertising.  Well, it’s not that easy.  It’s never that easy.  Life would be simpler if things were that easy.  Maybe we wouldn’t appreciate the things that we have as much. I guess I need to scrap Plan A.  I have thoughts of contacting Mr. & Mrs. Cabela personally and asking them directly.  I met the Cabelas and got their autographs during the Grand Opening.  Had I only devised Plan A then.  Although I haven’t abandoned the two ideas associated with Plan A, I need to realistically begin construction of Plan B.


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