Cabela’s Sporting Goods


I walked into Cabela’s with a copy of my book and the Press Release, hoping to talk to the manager about me doing a book signing at their store in East Hartford, CT.  After walking around the enormous store filled with everything imaginable for outdoor activities, I decided that I was comfortable enough to move in for the kill (no pun intended, as I passed guns, knives, and dead stuffed animals).  I paged the manager, then explained to her that The Hartford Courant’s Sunday paper has an Arts & Entertainment section that wants to do a feature story on me and my book, “Strapped Into An American Dream,” but they need me to line up a Book Signing at least 3 weeks out so they can link the book signing with the story.  I told the manager that it would be free advertisement for them in the Hartford Courant.  She asked if Cabela’s sold my book, and I told her that they didn’t…but they certainly could.  She asked me to leave the copy of the book with her and she will run it by her Corporate Office.  I further added that I have a small publisher and have to do a lot of the legwork, and that I thought her store would be the perfect venue for a travel book signing.  She agreed, grabbed the copy of the book, saying that nobody has ever asked this of her.  I did, and i’m certainly glad that I did.  I walked in hoping for a book signing.  Now I’m awaiting an answer on a book signing, which would trigger the Hartford Courant feature story, and perhaps a giant location to sell my book.


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