Creating a Buzz about your book


I will be appearing in the Glastonbury Citizen on Thursday, May 7th.  This article will feature me as a hometown Author for my book, “Strapped Into An American Dream,” and I am hopeful that the buzz it creates will draw the attention of the Barnes & Noble in Glastonbury, CT.  It won’t hurt, and then that will be followed by Glastonbury Life, and Wethersfield Life.  If you publish your book through a Small Press, your book does not get into the major book chains like Barnes & Noble and Borders.  This is controlled by their corporate offices, and you need to submit your book along with what is equivalent to a Book Proposal, stating why your book belongs in their store and who will buy it.  You need to create a buzz about your book.  You need to attract the media to your book.  You need to have people coming into the book stores asking for your book, even though it’s only available online. Do something every day, and see what you’ve accomplished at the end of the month.  There will be other newspapers to follow.  My additional goal is for my story to be featured on television.  Stay tuned, and stay IN tune to creating a buzz about your book if book stores are not an automatic. I can hear the buzz, but I need it to be louder…much louder.


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4 Responses to “Creating a Buzz about your book”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Promoting and plugging your work is absolutely essential in an era where media saturation is the norm. It’s harder when you’re not Stephen King or Dan Brown but every little event, interview with a community or university newspaper/radio station counts. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors–can I mention that some writers are using technology and cyberspace for “virtual book tours”. Google the term and see if you can do something similar…

  2. Ed Kardos Says:

    Hey, never mind my references to the UK– maybe that’s why it’s even harder for me to create a buzz for Zen Master Next Door! I’ll stary tuned to hear more about your journey.

    • glennmaynard Says:

      I’m still plugging away Ed. How’s the Zen Master today? I saw your Richmond Times review. I hired a PR person from my publishing company, and they have excitement in Richmond as well. Hopefully that sparks something. Tomorrow is my first radio appearance on a morning drive show for about a 7 minute interview. My PR person is trying to get my book in stores as it’s online only. It’s like pulling teeth (thought you’d like that one)! Check in again. We’ll compare notes.

  3. Ed Kardos Says:

    Great! Good luck tomorrow. I won’t know much about sales numbers until mid October. Like you, my publisher is close to getting it in Borders–we’ll see. Maybe I need a PR person…

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