Excerpt from Strapped into An American Dream


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Here was the cowboy and Rodeo State we’d been waiting for. We saw the old west before us as we accepted the continuation of Route 18, which headed south soon after entering Wyoming. Our new state flattened after a turn southward, but soft, distant mountains emerged from the earth like clouds spattering the horizon.

Bluffs entered our windshield picture, and so did a couple of trains to the right side of the road heading toward us, veering with the road. The park in Lusk could not help us. An open shower stood lonely in the middle of the grass. The supposed facilities failed us, including a sign dictating no overnight camping. We had put too much faith in Lusk, so their offering frustrated the hell out of us.

I grabbed our maps and camp books to research Plan B, and we found a free campground fifty-five miles west in Douglas. Darkness began to set in, and a fierce wind began to blow as we continued the drive.

We were exhausted, sick of driving, could barely see through the bug-splattered windshield, and had to continue on for at least another hour in the dark. We continued on our journey that would perhaps land us at a campground that might exist. If not, then we could remember Wyoming as merely a dark drive.

Our westward movement continually delayed darkness. It truly fascinated us to follow the sun, even though it had retired for the day. The sun hid, but we knew where it had tucked itself away because of the one spot lighting the horizon below the earth, our exact destination. Complete darkness pushed us along from behind. Sunset was my favorite time to travel, and it seemed to camouflage any turbulence that may have occurred when the sun shined.

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